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12-Session Weight Loss and Life Transformation Programs Based on the Most Recent Scientific Evidence On Habit-Based Intervention Underpinned by Sound Psychological Based Principles.

You can use your mind to shape your body.

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Sum Sanos recently featured on ABC News as a breakthrough in long-term weight management.

“When Your Will and Your Beliefs are Opposed, Your Beliefs Will Always Win.”

Did you know that 45 percent of your behavior is automatic and beyond your conscious awareness?

Automaticity is an automatic response pattern or habit. It is usually the result of learning, repetition, and practice.

Once a habit is formed, it doesn’t matter how hard you try. You can use all of your might and all of your will—your habits continue to determine your actions. Habit-Based Intervention (HBI) is now confirmed as unquestionably a reliable way to change.

You may have the intention to eat healthily and exercise, but you’ll reach for the chocolate bar. It’s the same with many behaviors. We can become helpless against our formed habits. You’ll sit on the couch, and you know you need to get moving, but there are a million justifications so you’ll do it tomorrow.

It’s a fact, you just can’t help it. It’s likely you know what to change, but most people don’t know how to change. At Sum Sanos™ we’ll show you the how and keep you on track until you form new healthy habits—you’ll lose weight automatically.
Research shows Habit Based Intervention participants not only achieved weight loss and wellness outcomes—they have kept the weight off.
Your habits work for you or against you with weight management.
Most people form a pattern of detrimental habits related to weight management that are almost impossible to stop. Habit intervention is one of the only reliable non-surgical ways to lose weight and keep it off long-term. It’s not about pills, powders, and potions or challenges and short-term fixes. It is about helping you form new habits and disrupt old habits and coaching you to lifelong success.

It’s Fun, it’s Interesting And… it’s Educational. Best of all—It Is Based on Scientific Evidence.

At Sum Sanos™ we’ve assembled the best of the best of professionals and methodologies to help you reliably lose weight and finally keep it off.

Sum Sanos™ offers the latest in academic research and one to one coaching to ensure you’ll conquer your weight challenges for life.

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Weight management is a matter of habits.

It’s Time to Stop the Futile Search for the Magic Solution and Start on the Road to Lifelong Weight Management and Wellness.
Change is a Process—Not an Event.

Change Can Be Fun With the Right Tools and Science-Based Methodology

If you are ready to get off the rollercoaster, abandon the Yo-Yo diet or stop the pills and potions, we can help you.
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What’s In Our Name?

Sum Sanos™, when translated from Latin to English, means I am Healthy. The words I am healthy form an affirmation which is a short, positive, powerful, and personalized statement to remind you every day that you are committed to change.

Our name is a part of our methodology, that’s because we work with the mind. At Sum Sanos™ you’ll learn that how you think, speak, feel, and act determines your health, your confidence, your self-esteem, your achievements, and for that matter, your whole life.

We recommend you carry daily in your mind our motto, I AM HEALTHY. You’ll find it is one small thing that will keep you on your road to wellness.

If You Are Into Scientific Research Like we Are, You’ll Appreciate That Proof is What Matters.

When you take part in the Sum Sanos™ program, we promise to help you and support you to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

We don’t prescribe rigorous fitness programs or restrictive diets. We offer an effective approach to long-term weight management and wellness which includes a combination of lifestyle transformational tools, high-level one on one support from a well-trained coach, and professional education from academics qualified to provide advice about your health.

Our promise represents a 100 percent commitment on our side. We promise to never give up on you, we promise to help you and support you until you achieve your goals—no matter what.

Recently, there’s been a new and emerging trend towards changing habits. This is good news. But, knowing you need to change is one thing. Knowing how to change is entirely another.

At Sum Sanos™ we have taken extreme measures to make absolutely sure you will achieve clinically beneficial results.

The secret is no secret. As well as educating you about habit change methods, we support you with a trained coach who will actually meet you, help you, encourage you, educate you, and keep you on track for a whole year and beyond. Research shows having support doubles weight loss outcomes.

We’ll help you make lifestyle changes and empower you to succeed like no other system can—we promise to help you.
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Sum Sanos™ is More Than Just Weight Loss—It Will Change Your Whole Life.

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